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Monday, June 28, 2010

Welcome back to The Converse Blog with Nylon Trainer 75

Well this has taken much longer then I ever anticipated, but I'm finally back. I never realized how easy it was to get out of the habit of doing something, even something you enjoy.  Regardless, the Converse Blog is back in action.  To start things of I want to bring your attention to the Converse Nylon Trainer 75.  Much like previous re-issued Converse shoes, the Trainer 75 is an extremely close reproduction of the original.  You can find them at

Hopefully, in the next few days there will be some information about new additions to team Converse in the NBA.  Keep your eyes peeled.  As always you can follow along for breaking news on twitter @TheConverseBlog.  Thank you all for your patience with the blog, check back for more updates.



Damn man I thought I had to send a search party for ya. Welcome back Jimmy!!

James Martin said...

Thanks man, I'd say so. It's good to be back for sure.

gregv92c said...

These are also at Zappos

gregv92c said...

these are also at Zappos