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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Converse Co* (Co Star) collection, plus Womens and Kids versions

The Converse created collection was just released at select Foot Locker stores coast-to-coast.  Inspired by those who make the world more surprising because of what they do and how they do it, the collection is built for active, mobile, independent, creative individuals that like to "steal the show".  You can also visit the Co* website here, while there you can view the shoes from the collection as well as videos of Co* wearers doing what they do best - and that ranges from human graffiti to defying gravity.

Converse Co* (Co Star) Attache' Mens


Converse Co* (Co Star) Attache' Womens
Converse Co* (Co Star) Attache' Kids
Converse Co* (Co Star) Men's Optium

I've been sitting on some Co* star pics for a while now, so I was really excited to get the info on them today.  Big day for me tomorrow, I've got a screening interview for a teaching position.  If things go well tomorrow then I'll get called back for the next round of interviews.  So I depending on how things go tomorrow or how nervous I am in the morning I may not be able to post until later on tomorrow or Saturday.  Also don't forget about the Rodney Rogers interview on TNT tonight! 

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

'S Weapon Wednesday

Welcome to the Converse Blog's Weapon Wednesday.  Today I have a real treat for you, an OG team colorway of the Weapon.  This is a rare colorway for sure, a white/Yellow high top straight from the 80's.  Also I want to give a shout out to Fernando Berdones, these pictures and shoes are his.  I also hear that he has a lot of other vintage Converse, so I hope to bring you all some more heat from him soon.

These just look weird with out the purple we're used to seeing with the yellow.   Well that's it for today, but I want to remind everyone about Rodney Rodgers on TNT tomorrow night.  For those of you that don't remember Rodney finished up his playing career wearing Converse.  Last November he was in a dirt bike accident that has left him paralyzed from the shoulders down.  Thanks for checking out the blog!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bobby Jackson Converse Ad.

Bobby Jackson was drafted in the 1997 by the Sonics with the 23 pick and was traded to Denver before the season began.   Jackson was one of three first round picks that Converse signed along with Brevin Knight and Jacque Vaughn.  Ron Mercer, also from the 1997 draft, would later on wear Converse in the NBA after previously wearing Converse at Kentucky. 

I remember seeing this ad in a Sports Illustrated when it first came out, but I had forgotten about it until recently.  This was during the "Stay True" campaign during the time that all Converse basketball shoes featured the Chuck Taylor Ankle patch. 

I love this ad because it's straight forward and it works well using the idea of less is more.  It's just Bobby Jackson sitting in a locker room with the tag line, "Is, Was, Will be."  While all three of players never went on to be stars in NBA, they've all expereinced long careers in the L.  I always love this time of year because the finals are coming and right after that we get the draft.  The draft is a chance every year for teams and company's to experience growth, potential, and youthful energy.  I am already looking forward to see who Converse will sign from this class.    

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Friday, May 22, 2009

'S Friday Flashback: School's Out for Summer edition!

Praise God, from whom all blessings flow... aka it is the last day of the school year.  These means, more than anything, that I have more time to spend on the Blog.  I am very excited to try some new stuff out this summer with the blog, so I'm open to suggestions.  I've been really pleased with the increase number of comments, and the average number of hits per day is on the rise.  I am really exhausted and my mind has been running for this day for a long time, so with that in mind let's jump to today's Friday Flashback.     
Today we have a pair of Converse Running shoes from back in the day.  I am not sure of the name of this shoe, or exactly when it came out.  I would be willing to say that it came out in the 80's though, just from what I've seen on other 80's Converse running shoes.  


Well that's it for today, thanks for checking out the blog.  Keep the comments coming and for those of that have sent me emails in last week, I am so sorry I've been slack, but I will get back to you soon.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Converse All Star Via Airmail Sample

With the price of a stamp recently going up to from 42 to 44 cents, I figured it would be good time to post this sample of the Converse All Star Via Airmail.  This is why people love the All Star, you can take inspiration from anything and anywhere and turn it into a Chuck Taylor All Star.  Below you'll find an airmail envelope followed by the sample shoes.  Around the ankle you will see the stripe pattern that you find on the envelope.  To top it off you'll see Via Airmail on the heel stripe of the shoe.

Well we're down to the final four of the NBA and the dream match up of Kobe vs LeBron is still alive and well...however Denver and Orlando might have different plans.  Thanks for checking out the blog, don't forget to vote on your way out.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Charles C. MaGalls vs Dwyane Wade.

A lot has been made about Charles Charles MaGalls quest to battle Dwyane Wade one on one...well his quest is over, well maybe.  See how it turns out for yourself.

As you can see Charles Charles MaGalls didn't wear the Wade 4 like he told me in his interview, which I think was probably a good thing.  He wore the Weapon EVO and I can't say for sure what Dwyane is wearing, but I can say that they look really good.  

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

'S Weapon Wednesday: New Weapresent Shirts...from Germany.

It was near this time last year that Converse first introduced the world to the word Weapresent.  A combination on the words Weapon and Represent.  Some simple shirts were produced and given out to fans during the finals between Boston and L.A.  Now straight from, that would be eBay Germany, we have some new Weapresent shirts.  The first one is a purple Weapresent Los Angeles, then there are three versions of the Weapresent New York shirts.  They match the New York colorway of the Weapon 86.



I am not sure if these will release here, but they should.  Maybe they'll find their way on eBay America.  Either way, thanks for checking out the blog, don't forget to vote and follow along on Twitter.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Playoff Frustration: PEAK makes Fake Converse.

Ever since round 2 of the playoffs started I've been really frustrated by a specific situation.  It bothers me that a company that makes fake Converse shoes has more players left in the playoffs than Converse does.  I am talking about the Chinese brand PEAK.  The shoe of choice for Jason Kidd, Ron Artest, Shane Battier, and according to their website and his Sasha Vujacic.  Sasha has been wearing the Kobe IV recently so I am not sure what's going on there.  If you include Darnell Jackson from Cleveland and Sonny Weems from Denever that brings the PEAK total up ot 6.  That's 6 NBA players in the second round of the playoffs compared to Maurice Evans and Acie Law for Converse. Why does this particular situation frustrate me so much?  It's simple really, PEAK makes Fake Converse shoes. Below are pictures of PEAK made fake Converse Wade 3.0, 2.0, and Converse 099.  So right now in the playoffs there are 3 times as many players wearing a brand that makes fake Converse compared to players that actually wear Converse. 



They also make Fake Adidas and Reebok shoes too.

This post is about the fact that a brand that makes fake shoes can get play in the NBA. It just so happens that they have more players in the 2nd round of the playoffs than Converse does.  Converse still has more endorsers in the NBA than PEAK, although the gap is cloesing.  It's not all about quanity though, often times it has more to do with quality and I'd take Dwyane Wade, Elton Brand, or Jameer Nelson over anyone wearing PEAK right now.  I firmly believe that with a new cushioning technology and the Weapon EVO coming next season that Converse will increase the quanity and quality of endorers that they have.

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Friday, May 8, 2009

'S Friday Flashback: Converse Maverick

This might be my most anticipated Friday in a really long time.  This past week I subbed for a teacher until today, which was great because it was four days of work.  However, it just happened to be state testing week, which means it was completely crazy and unpredictable.  I loved nearly ever minute of it, because the days went really fast and it was great experience for me.

Anyway, on to blog stuff.  I am really close to posting up a new poll, I really think this one could get interesting but we'll have to see.  Also some of you have found blog on Twitter, but for those you that haven't here is the link @TheConverseBlog.

Now onto today's post, the Converse Maverick.

This basketball shoe from the 80's is jam packed with all kinds of goodies, ankle strap, double ankle padding, inner mid-foot strap, and even a Y-bar.  Also you've got vertical branding with Converse written down the side of the shoe on the Y-bar.   



A few years ago they re-issued the Maverick, but without the inner booty strap.  Oh well, I am comtimplating a post for tomorrow, but I am not sure check back and vote in new poll when it goes up.

Enjoy the NBA playoffs tonight, I an so excited that I finally get to stay up and watch a Lakers/Rockets game!