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Monday, May 18, 2009

Converse All Star Via Airmail Sample

With the price of a stamp recently going up to from 42 to 44 cents, I figured it would be good time to post this sample of the Converse All Star Via Airmail.  This is why people love the All Star, you can take inspiration from anything and anywhere and turn it into a Chuck Taylor All Star.  Below you'll find an airmail envelope followed by the sample shoes.  Around the ankle you will see the stripe pattern that you find on the envelope.  To top it off you'll see Via Airmail on the heel stripe of the shoe.

Well we're down to the final four of the NBA and the dream match up of Kobe vs LeBron is still alive and well...however Denver and Orlando might have different plans.  Thanks for checking out the blog, don't forget to vote on your way out.

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Sergei said...


Maybe you consider this link interesting enough for your blog:

It's a Converse Facebook application, to create figures with laces, or upload pics of your sneackers.