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Monday, December 20, 2010

Louis Williams Converse SICKS PE

For me personally, the most exciting addition to team Converse this season has been Louis Williams.   He's been fun to watch and his shoes have been loud.  For example, below are some pictures of the blue and red colorways of the Converse SICKS.  Also the blurry image below is from Lou's twitter feed, @TeamLou23 

Converse Kentucky Classic Middle School Tournament

Update 10:50, the live feed can be found at the Converse Kentucky Classic website.

he Bluegrass State Games and iHigh will be hosting a statewide Middle School Basketball Tournament this year in Frankfort around the Christmas Holiday. It is open to all Middle School Teams, both boys and girls, across the state and will be conducted as a part of the 2010-2011 Bluegrass State Games.
Tournament Details:

Dates:Girls' - December 20-21 (Monday-Tuesday), 2010
Boys'- December 27-28 (Monday-Tuesday), 2010

Locations:Frankfort Convention Center

The Tournament is designed to provide opportunity for all Middle Schools in Kentucky to compete in a Middle School Tournament under the Bluegrass State Games program. The Tournament is constructed in a double elimination format which guarantees all participating teams two (2) games.

There will be t-shirts for all participants, medals for winning teams, award/recognition for the top student athlete from each team, awards for All-Tournament Team as well as Tournament MVP.

Games will be broadcast on Tuesday and Wednesday live on and sent out around the world on America's largest school sports Network,

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Converse Drop Step EVO Ox - unreleased colorway.

Here is a sample of an unreleased Converse Drop Step EVO.  So far only a White/White colorway has released on  I'm not sure what happened, but I'd say it's safe to say the releases were mostly scrapped.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Converse Eastbay Classic 2010 Recap and Star Player EVO OX

Remember last week when I told you all about the Converse Eastbay Classic? Good you're paying attention. Here is a recap of the event along with some pictures. 

Last Saturday, 10 of the best boys and girls high school basketball teams in Wisconsin competed in the third annual Converse/Eastbay Classic. It was a day of sportsmanship and grueling play as many of the favored teams fell to their competition. In perhaps the biggest upset of the day, Madison Memorial, ranked number one in the state, was defeated by repeated Classic participant, Milwaukee Rufus King. King’s tactical defense held Memorial standout Junior Lomomba to just 10 points. In the last game between Milwaukee Hamilton and Menomonee Falls, Hamilton’s senior forward Elgin Cook ran the court with 21 points and an impressive array of dunks. Falls standout forward J.P. Tokoto put up 19 points, but was unable to rally a victory.

During halftime of the final game, the Milwaukee Bucks Rim Rocker Dunk Team took to the court, energizing the crowd, followed by JG Scholarship presentations, handed out by Converse athlete and Milwaukee Bucks power forward Larry Sanders. All proceeds from this event go to the JG Scholarship Fund, which rewards deserving high school students in need of assistance to further their college education in the state of Wisconsin. Participants in the Classic wore the Converse Star Player Evo shoe.

Final scores are as follows:

Girls Classic
61-27 - Oak Creek (Oak Creek, Wis.) vs. Arrowhead Union (Hartland, Wis.)
65-43 - Nicolet (Glendale, Wis.) vs. Mukwonago (Mukwonago, Wis.)

Boys Classic
58-54 - Waunakee (Waunakee, Wis.) vs. Oconomowoc (Oconomowoc, Wis.)
57-35 - Rufus King (Milwaukee, Wis.) vs. Madison Memorial (Madison, Wis.)
67-58 - Milwaukee Hamilton (Milwaukee, Wis.) vs. Menomonee Falls (Menomonee Falls, Wis.)

Big thanks to the eastbay blog for posting up some more pictures of the event.  Including the first image of the retail version of the Star Player EVO OX.  Hopefully they actually make it to retail, I've got my fingers crossed.

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Converse Tabi Shin, you have to see this to believe it.

I want to present you with an opportunity to participate in the Converse Blog.  Recent comments from my post on the Converse SICKS have convinced me to ask for your help.  Here is the question, If you ran Converse for a day what would you do & what would would change?  Shoot me an email at with everything you would do at Converse if you were in charge for a day.


Welcome to the Converse Blog classroom.  Today we're going to learn about Tabi and Jika-Tabi.  If you already know what's up, then skip to the pictures.

Tabi are traditional Japanese socks. Ankle-high and with a separation between the big toe and other toes, they are worn by both men and women with zori, geta, and other traditional thong footwear.

But these are not socks, they're more like Jika-Tabi.  Which are...

Jika-Tabi, also known (outside Japan) as "tabi boots", they are modeled on tabi, traditional split-toe Japanese socks. Like other tabi, jika-tabi have a divided toe area so that they can in theory be worn with slip-on thonged footwear, but they are heavy-duty, and resemble boots. Being made of heavy, tough material and often having rubber soles, jika-tabi are often used by construction workers, farmers and gardeners, rickshaw-pullers, and other workmen. Outside Japan, where they are available from online and martial-arts shops, jika-tabi are appreciated by practitioners of martial arts in which traditional clothes are used. Other people also like wearing them for certain kinds of exercise, specifically trail-running, walking, and climbing.  Thank you Wikipedia for the assist.

So as you've probably figured out, these come Converse Japan, so don't expect these to show up at Journeys anytime soon. Oh, and yes they are real. 

So there aren't really any words I can say that the pictures don't already tell you.  They're fun and unique, plus you've gotta give it to Converse Japan for taking some exciting chances.  Thanks for checking out the blog and remember to follow along on Twitter @TheConverseBlog.  Also, I truly appreciate it when you all leave comments below.  

Friday, December 10, 2010

Converse Eastbay Classic 2010

The third annual Converse Eastbay Classic is set for tip off tomorrow at Wisconsin Lutheran College.  Fix this into your TomTom and head on over to catch some fantastic high school basketball action...

8800 W. Bluemound Road

, WI

This year there will be 2 girls games starting the day followed by 3 games featuring boys teams.  Here is the schedule...

Girls Classic
1:00 PM - Oak Creek (Oak Creek, Wis.) vs. Arrowhead Union (Hartland, Wis.)
2:30 PM - Nicolet (Glendale, Wis.) vs. Mukwonago (Mukwonago, Wis.)

Boys Classic

4:00 PM - Waunakee (Waunakee, Wis.) vs. Oconomowoc (Oconomowoc, Wis.)
5:45 PM - Rufus King (Milwaukee, Wis.) vs. Madison Memorial (Madison, Wis.)
7:30 PM - Milwaukee Hamilton (Milwaukee, Wis.) vs. Menomonee Falls (Menomonee Falls, Wis.)

I just got word that Larry Sanders of the Milwaukee Bucks will be making an appearance tomorrow so that should be very exciting for the players and people in attendance.  Below is a video from last years event.  Click here for more info.

Thanks for checking out the blog!  I want to give a big thanks to the people at Converse for giving the blog a shout out on their Facebook page.  It was one of, if not, the highest traffic days I've ever had.  Don't forget to follow along on Twitter too @TheConverseBlog!!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Converse x D.C. Comics Legion of Doom All Star at Journeys

Believe it or not, one of the most visited post this past year was the Green Lantern Chucks from Journeys.  So lets hope lightening strikes twice with this post.  Journeys has also released a pair of Chucks titled Legion of Doom.  Which I assume is a group of D.C. Comic villains.  Anyway one shoe you have the villains and the other you have the heroes.

The Legion of Doom features Lex Luther, Brainiac, The Joker, and The Penguin     

Here is the hero side of the shoe featuring Wonder Woman, Robin, Batman, Flash, The Green Lantern, and of course Superman.  

You can pick a pair up here at Journeys.  Thanks for checking out the blog and please don't forget to follow along on Twitter @TheCovnerseBlog

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Converse in the NBA

Here are a few pictures of Converse players in the NBA.  Unfortunately Acie Law was released by the Grizzles and I'm not sure if Chris Anderson has signed with Converse or not.  He wore Nike the next game and injured his back so I guess time will tell.  Enjoy

Pictures from and/or

                                            Carlos Arroyo in the Star Player EVO ox

                                        Larry Sanders in a PE colorway of the Star Player EVO

                                                           Elton Brand in the EB3

                                         Above: Matt Bonner in the Converse SICKS

                                        Below: Kirk Hinrich in the Converse SICKS ox

                                       Above:  Louis Williams in the Converse SICKS

                                      Below:  Maurice Evans in the Star Player EVO Ox

                            Above:  Kyle Korver Star Player EVO

                              Below:  Udonis Haslem in the Converse SICKS

                             Above:  Former Grizzle Acie Law in Converse SICKS

                                 Below:  Chris Anderson in the Star Player EVO


So there you  have it, 12 different NBA players wearing Converse at some point this Season.  Hopefully Acie Law can sign somewhere else before too long...The Knicks perhaps?  Anyway, stay locked on TheConverseBlog.NET for all of your Converse bloggy goodness.  Thanks for checking out the page and don't forget to follow along on Twitter @TheConverseBlog

Monday, December 6, 2010

Converse SICKS - New colorways.

Update:  Later on in the day Converse posted up two more team options and the Black/Gold colorway from the World Basketball Festival.

While we still haven't seen some of the teased colorways of the Converse SICKS from the world basketball festival...or a full run of team colors (that's another story)...Converse has finally released some exciting colorways of the Converse SICKS. The shoe that was originally designed to be Dwyane Wade's 6th signature shoe. Check out the fun colorways below and pick up a pair at

It's been a rather frustrating few weeks and had the highs of convincing a middle school to buy 47 pairs of the Converse SICKS only to find out that we couldn't order 11 of the pairs because Converse didn't have the sizes.  Now that team is wearing Adidas and I lost out on a major sell.  So I took a few weeks off from the blog because, as you can imagine, I was pretty upset.  I'm not over it yet, but what can I really do about it.

But you have to wonder, why would Nike want competition from Converse when they can sell their shoes at a higher profit margin?  These are some of the same concerns I had 7 years ago when Nike bought Converse.

Anyway, at least we finally have some fun colorways of the SICKS to pick up. 

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Converse All Star Duck Boots

You might have seen these by now, but I still wanted to showcase them here on the blog.  What you see below are the Converse All Star Duck Boots.  They come in both high and ox versions in Brown or Black colorways.  Seriously, is there anything you can't do with the All Stars?  Every season Converse re-invents the Chuck Taylor All Star into something new.  You can find these over at

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