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Monday, December 20, 2010

Louis Williams Converse SICKS PE

For me personally, the most exciting addition to team Converse this season has been Louis Williams.   He's been fun to watch and his shoes have been loud.  For example, below are some pictures of the blue and red colorways of the Converse SICKS.  Also the blurry image below is from Lou's twitter feed, @TeamLou23 


Unknown said...

Nice shoes , How do they determine the colorways ? Some the players have the same shoes on all year , and Lou has been rockin all kinds of colors!Do the players request colorways or does Converse just send them out ??? I have a pair of Black and yellow SICKS coming for Christmas!

James Martin said...

Yeah, I think they just talk to the players and kind of see what they want. Like Carlos Arroyo has a white/black colorway of the Star Player EVO with just a few letters of personalization on it. You'll have to let me know how you like the SICKS, I picked up the Carolina Blue pair myself haha.