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Monday, August 31, 2009

Klye Korver and Deron Williams want to throw dodgeballs at you.


This sounds fun, hopefully they'll be some more videos leading up to the event. Check out and for more info.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Converse might have a chance to sign LeBron....LeBron Jr. that is.

Misleading...perhaps...interesting...for sure.  Okay, so it's been a long week at school so I though I'd take a lighter tone for Friday's post.  Here a few pics I got from of LeBron's  Bike-a-Thon.  Now I am not exactly sure what LeBron is doing, but LeBron Jr. seems to be having a ball.  That probably has a lot do with the fact that he's wearing some high top Chucks.  You can see them much better in the second picture.  So maybe someday when LeBron Jr. is old enough to hoop for cash, he can take the court in the Star and Chevron of Converse.


Who knows, maybe Nike has realized that LeBron's line won't ever justify the amount of money they signed him for.  So maybe they're making plans to have LeBron be the face of Converse and are using LeBron Jr. to help introduce the idea.  Okay, all joking aside, I still think it's pretty cool to see him in some Chucks.  Thanks for following the Converse Blog, don't forget we're that we're on Twitter so follow us already.  @TheConverseBlog.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Converse Artillery

Just last week I showed you what the Converse Artillery would look like in a cleated version. Just yesterday they dropped on in two colorways, black/white/red and black/black/yellow.  The Converse Artillery incorporates Converse FEEL, which if you played in last years 0100's then you know what an impressive comfort these will offer.  Crossed straps help to hold the foot in place while also fitting in nicely with the Chevron and Star logo. 

  I am really excited about this release, and they are priced  very nice at only $65.  If these feel even half as comfortable as the 0100's then that's a huge bargin.  So hit up and get your pair of Converse Artillery, like now!  Don't forget to follow along on Twitter!  @TheConverseBlog

Monday, August 24, 2009

My Thoughts on the Converse Band of Ballers event...yes I am very late.

Info about Converse's Band of Ballers event broke just a day or so before the event. However by all accounts, mainly the amount of attention it has received online, it as a huge success.  It was extremely exciting to see pictures of people playing basketball covered from head to toe with the Chevron and Star.  I've got to get me some of those Chevron and Star shorts like yesterday.  I looked all over the Nevada Converse outlets this summer and neither of the 3 had any basketball shorts, so hopefully this is a sign of things to come.

Here are some various pics of action from the event, The Jones Family, Jim Jones holding the fantastic Ball/Speaker trophy, and some action of a different nature.  


The team rosters played out like this...

Jones  Family
Jim Jones
Daniel Cruz  (friend)
Vaughn Heyliger (cousin)
Valient Jones (cousin)
David Julien  (cousin)

Pac Div
B. Young
Steve Thornton  (Pac Div's Producer)

Mad Decent
Hassan (POPO)
Sean Agnew  (Promoter in Philly, friend of the label)
Nick (friend of  POPO)
Zeb (POPO)

Fool's Gold
Nick Catchdubs  (label co-founder)
Dan Solomilo (manager of Donnis)
Jake Oshe  (promoter)
Donnis (artist)
Sammy Bananas (artist)
A-Trak was "the  coach"

Brooklyn Crew
Matt and  Kim
Theophilus London

Roth Boys
David  Appleton (Asher's producer)
Tom Boyd (friend)
Jason Salvador (tour  manager)
Brian Langley (Asher's hype man)
Scooter Braun  (manager)
Asher  Roth

All of that info came from a press email from Converse, but by far the most exciting thing from that email came in a description of the Converse Weapon EVO.

"The Weapon  was originally released in 1986 and made famous by Larry Bird  and Erving  “Magic”  Johnson. The sneaker became an icon among the basketball community. The Weapon Evo's design is very similar to the original Weapon but Converse has given it a sleeker look and added Converse Balls Technology in the heel."
Did you catch that, an official release from Converse that actually makes mention of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.  From my knowledge this is the first time in over 10 years that anything official from Converse has actually used their names.  I don't want to jump to conclusions or assume that there might be some involvement from them with Converse now, but I can't help be excited about the possibilities. 

I delayed the post on the event because I was wait for videos from Converse, but I'll post those when you go up at  That's it for today, check back Wednesday for more of The Converse Blog!  Follow us on twitter too!  @TheConverseBlog 

Monday, August 17, 2009

"What if" Converse Signed Michael Vick?

Disclaimer:  These are my views and opinions and should not be taken as any potential news or rumors.   

If you've been reading my blog then you know that I am not content with the current Converse.  I've been searching for a more diverse Converse for years now. My desire to see Converse in more performance categories than just Basketball and Skateboarding led me to today's post. So let me simply ask a question, what if Converse signed Michael Vick? What really got me thinking about this was a recent post over at SoleCollector.  So if you haven't read their article go read it real quick and then come back over here...or just click over there when you're done here, that's your call. 

So my gears started to turn and I thought that it would be nice to see what a Converse Football cleat would look like today.  So I took a picture of the Converse Artillery basketball shoe that is supposed to be releasing soon, I hope, and asked for a huge favor from the Internet's BP the Owner.  BP is a photoshop wizard of the highest level, click over and check out some of his work.  I asked him to work up a cleated version of the Artillery in Eagles colorways and he came through big time. 

Currently there are only a handful of companies producing performance football cleats, Nike, Reebok, Under Armor, Adidas, New Balance, Pony, and perhaps Starter with Tony Romo.  Basically what I am saying is that there is room for Converse. 

There would be a large risk in signing Vick, but it's not like their football/training sales can go any lower considering they don't make any football/training products anyway.  Signing Vick could jump start Converse in the Football and Training categories. It could also make huge strides in gaining the respect of other NFL players and Vick's fans.  Of course the flip side is also true, signing Vick could drive others away from the brand.  Regardless, any company associated with Vick will have to work hard with him and the Eagles to help and try to correct his previous wrongs.  

However, is a long shot because this would greatly disrupt the current status quo at Converse.  Also, Nike seems determined to push Converse towards a fashion only brand.  And if they really wanted to enter the football and training markets there are probably much better ways to do that...but it sure would be fun.  I'm not trying to be negative, but sometimes it's fun to just dream about what could be. 

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Friday, August 14, 2009

'S Friday Flashback: Converse Classic Golf.

Welcome to the Converse Blog's Friday Flashback. Today's Flashback is the Converse Classic Golf shoe.  Back in the day Converse made Golf Shoes, and that's exactly what these are.  Brown Leather, Metal Spikes, Lace Guard flap, it's all right here in these Converse Classic Golf shoes. 

Today you'd be hard pressed to find anyone playing golf with metal spikes, but it used to be the only way to play.  They aren't even allowed at our local country club, which stinks because if I ever find a pair I'd have to drive somewhere else to play haha.  Anyway Golf has been on my mind lately since my PS3 died I've been playing the Wii and some Tiger Woods!  I hope someday Converse will make Golf shoes again, I just hope it's before I'm eligible for the seniors tour.  Don't forget to follow along on Twitter @TheConverseBlog.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

'S Weapon Wednesday: Converse Weapon EVO! Finally

I was beginning to think that this day would never come. It seems like a year ago when I first saw some sample pictures of the Converse Weapon EVO. In fact it was so close to the end of the Fall 2008 season that I thought they might have even been samples of shoes that were scrapped. Thank goodness they weren't. In fact they're alive and well. With the lack of "He who we do not speak of" and his 5th signature shoe, the Weapon EVO is by far the highest profile release of the year for Converse.

Converse is breaking out these beauties at the "Band of Baller's" event in NYC today. Find out more info about "Band of Ballers" by going over to DimeMagazine or head over to MissInfo.TV for even more information.

The Converse Weapon EVO is on sale now at pick up either the Black/Green/White Boston Celtics colorway or the Yellow/Purple/Teal Lakers Colorway. Look for some more colorways soon! Follow along on Twitter @TheConverseBlog.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Rune Glifberg Rider Excluisve Coolidge Mid.

While you're reading this I am either enjoying or surviving my first day of school. I am very grateful to have a job and I am very excited to teach 6th grade geography. Sorry for the lack of posts last week I was super busy getting my room together...I'll post up some pics sometime soon.

If you enjoy these Rune Glifberg Rider Exclusive Coolidge Mids you can get them at or at Famous Footwear. That's it for today. I'll be back Wednesday with a new post or perhaps sooner if any news breaks on Converse signing any NBA rookies. As always follow along on Twitter. @TheConverseBlog

Monday, August 3, 2009

Rune Glifberg Wins X Games 15 Skateboard Park Gold

Honestly, when it comes to Converse I've been really down the last few weeks. That pretty much stems from the departure of "he which we do not speak of," but more so lately because I feel like his departure is symptomatic of a larger issue. However, yesterday something significantly positive happened. Converse rider Rune Glifberg took home the Gold at the X Games in the Skateboard Park competition.  The following 3 pictures from the X games are from and the picture of Rune in the Black Converse shirt is from Converse.

Here is video from ESPN with an interview with Rune.  Good job by the fine folks at Converse in getting him in a Star and Chevron shirt just in time for the interview. 

I flipped on the X games just in time to see the Viking from Denmark capture Gold.  He's wearing the Converse Coolidge mid which is up on ConverseOne right now.  There is also a Rune Coolidge PE for sale, I will post pictures of that shoe soon.  Converse Skateboarding really seems to have their stuff together and I can't wait to see how they grow in the coming years.  Check out Rune's Converse site at Skate Like a Punk.