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Monday, August 24, 2009

My Thoughts on the Converse Band of Ballers event...yes I am very late.

Info about Converse's Band of Ballers event broke just a day or so before the event. However by all accounts, mainly the amount of attention it has received online, it as a huge success.  It was extremely exciting to see pictures of people playing basketball covered from head to toe with the Chevron and Star.  I've got to get me some of those Chevron and Star shorts like yesterday.  I looked all over the Nevada Converse outlets this summer and neither of the 3 had any basketball shorts, so hopefully this is a sign of things to come.

Here are some various pics of action from the event, The Jones Family, Jim Jones holding the fantastic Ball/Speaker trophy, and some action of a different nature.  


The team rosters played out like this...

Jones  Family
Jim Jones
Daniel Cruz  (friend)
Vaughn Heyliger (cousin)
Valient Jones (cousin)
David Julien  (cousin)

Pac Div
B. Young
Steve Thornton  (Pac Div's Producer)

Mad Decent
Hassan (POPO)
Sean Agnew  (Promoter in Philly, friend of the label)
Nick (friend of  POPO)
Zeb (POPO)

Fool's Gold
Nick Catchdubs  (label co-founder)
Dan Solomilo (manager of Donnis)
Jake Oshe  (promoter)
Donnis (artist)
Sammy Bananas (artist)
A-Trak was "the  coach"

Brooklyn Crew
Matt and  Kim
Theophilus London

Roth Boys
David  Appleton (Asher's producer)
Tom Boyd (friend)
Jason Salvador (tour  manager)
Brian Langley (Asher's hype man)
Scooter Braun  (manager)
Asher  Roth

All of that info came from a press email from Converse, but by far the most exciting thing from that email came in a description of the Converse Weapon EVO.

"The Weapon  was originally released in 1986 and made famous by Larry Bird  and Erving  “Magic”  Johnson. The sneaker became an icon among the basketball community. The Weapon Evo's design is very similar to the original Weapon but Converse has given it a sleeker look and added Converse Balls Technology in the heel."
Did you catch that, an official release from Converse that actually makes mention of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.  From my knowledge this is the first time in over 10 years that anything official from Converse has actually used their names.  I don't want to jump to conclusions or assume that there might be some involvement from them with Converse now, but I can't help be excited about the possibilities. 

I delayed the post on the event because I was wait for videos from Converse, but I'll post those when you go up at  That's it for today, check back Wednesday for more of The Converse Blog!  Follow us on twitter too!  @TheConverseBlog 

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