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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Converse Artillery

Just last week I showed you what the Converse Artillery would look like in a cleated version. Just yesterday they dropped on in two colorways, black/white/red and black/black/yellow.  The Converse Artillery incorporates Converse FEEL, which if you played in last years 0100's then you know what an impressive comfort these will offer.  Crossed straps help to hold the foot in place while also fitting in nicely with the Chevron and Star logo. 

  I am really excited about this release, and they are priced  very nice at only $65.  If these feel even half as comfortable as the 0100's then that's a huge bargin.  So hit up and get your pair of Converse Artillery, like now!  Don't forget to follow along on Twitter!  @TheConverseBlog


Anonymous said...

I just ordered the black and yellow colorway from Converse. These are very cool looking.

Nene33 said...

These got a really cool look to 'em, and I love the classic logo making a return.