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Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Converse Blog's Saturday Special.

Just a little update for the weekend. I just saw where the 76ers have traded Kyle Korver to the Jazz for Gordan Giricek and a first round draft pick. I was anticipating a trade for one the Converse players on teh 76ers, but I thought it would be Andre Miller. Which of course this could still happen, a trade to the Cavs keeps coming up. For now though we can look forward to having a Converse player on another NBA team. We may see some new PE's of the 099 but more likely we'll see Korver's first PE colorways in the Converse Hops.
Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images

Friday, December 28, 2007

The Converse Blog's Friday Flashback: Converse Halftime

Welcome to the Converse Blog's Friday flashback. I was going to post a picture of one of the Converse Psycho trainers. However, when I was looking for more information on the shoe I found out that I was wrong. While there are some features that reminded me of a psycho trainer shoe, it turns out these are actually basketball shoes. Well at least according to the website that I found the second picture.

I can't help but think of shark fins when I look at these. I know hardly anything about them except they're named the Converse Halftime. Also it would appear from the Logo and overall design that these gems were released in the mid 90's.

If you know anything more about these shoes please contact me and let me know. Well enjoy the bowl season. I'll be out of town for the Music City Bowl for Monday's post, so I might try to post before I leave. Thanks for stopping by and keep returning for the Converse Blog.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Converse Blog: Wade 3.0 All Star & China Exclusive?

Happy Merry Day after! I've got a scoop for you today, I have pictures of what appear to be the All Star Colorway of the Wade 3.0. Yesterday we saw D-Wade rocking his Christmas day shoes, which unlike previously shown were red/black/silver and not the neon green/black/silver. I am not sure what happened, although I never saw anything from Converse naming the Neon's the Christmas day shoe. So I am working on getting some pics, but today is about the All Star game shoes. I found them in a message board here.

I am not sure that these will be the All Star colorway, it is only a guess at this point. I was also able to find a picture of what appears to be a China Exclusive colorway. Well that's all for today, enjoy returning gifts and getting great deals for next year. Thanks for stopping by here at the Converse Blog.

Monday, December 24, 2007

The Converse Blog:Converse Century

Recently I showed you some pictures of the Converse Century collection made for the Black Fives. These shoes were based on the Harlem Rens shoes that Converse made for them in 1923. Well they're finally here, or well actually here. I knew I wanted a pair, but I didn't order them the first day they went up. Then I watched this video that Black Fives founder Claude Johnson made to show off these gems. After watching it I couldn't help but order a pair or Revolutions. So real quick today I wanted to show you all this video, link to the store, and wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 21, 2007

The Converse Blog's Friday Flashback

Well, I'd like to apologize for the late post today, nothing like chipping a tooth! Anywho I got that taken care of and now it's time for something fun. Today's Friday Flashback is another rare sneaker that I never knew anything about until it had already come and gone. I am talking about the Chuck Taylor Dennis Rodman edition. In the late 90's Converse was pushing Rodman big time, he had his own line of shoes, chucks, shirts, shorts, and I am pretty sure accessories. So D-Wade is not the first Converse athlete to have his own apparel line, actually he would be the third. Magic had his own line of sneakers and clothes as well. I digress, today is about these wonderful Rodman Chucks.

I got these pictures from the Converse message board hosted by Converse China. As you will see the Chucks are black/white in colorway. They feature two of Rodman's more famous tattoos on both sides. And just like Chucks should be, they're made in the U.S.A.

I am off to go do some semi-last minute Christmas shopping as I am sure most of you will be doing too. Be safe out there, it's a mad house, well I am only guessing. Anyway thanks for checking out the Converse Blog and please return often!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Converse Blog: New round of Commercials

When Converse and Anomaly brought out some new ads a few weeks ago more were promised and within the last few days they have delivered on that promise. First up is the properly titled "Pageant." These are pretty powerful ads, if for no other reason that they are silent. Something that never happens with Commercials.

The second is titled "Grateful" and has a setting of a soap opera that makes Passions look like good programing. Anyway, "Grateful" is also a silent Commercial. They both suggest some controversial issues that are worth discussing. There is no doubt that commercials like these are risky, which I am pretty sure is a good thing for Converse. Love them or hate them, you have to give it to them for trying something different. Leave some feedback on them below and check out all the ads at

Thanks for coming to the Converse Blog, and tell all the strangers you meet today about the site! Thanks

Monday, December 17, 2007

The Converse Blog: Converse Century Chucks

It's getting closer and closer to the beginning of the Converse Century celebration for 2008. Recently I've been posting some products and information regarding 100 years of Converse. Today I will continue that with a look at the Converse Century Chucks, High and Ox. Pictured first is the High top in a white/orange/black colorway. On the side you'll see the Converse Century logo, Converse and 100 written in black. In the second picture you'll see the Chuck Logo patch.
The final four pictures are the of the white/orange/black and the grey/black Ox colorways. With the ox, the Converse Century logo is placed on the heel while the Converse and 100 are still on the side of the shoe. You can also see in the white colorway that the inside of the shoe is lined with the Converse Century logo. I have also seen a Navy/Silver colorway, but I couldn't find the picture this morning. By the way, the images come from www.Ebay.DE

That's it for today, have a happy Monday. Thanks for checking out the Converse Blog!

Friday, December 14, 2007

The Converse Blog's Friday Flashback: Run n' Slam 2000

It's Over, it's so Over! Yesterday I finished the last of my finals and I am not a college graduate. It still hasn't hit me yet and it probably won't until January when I would normally be going back. To honor this new feeling and chapter in my life I thought it would interesting for today's flashback to be a really rare shoe that most of you probably haven't seen before. For today's flash back I give you the Converse Run n' Slam 2000. No I am not talking about the shoe that Kirk Hinrich and Jameer Nelson wore recently, you know I could never find those anywhere.

I know very little about these shoes and I don't even remember where I found these pictures. What I do know is that these were never released, or at least in wide distribution. They do feature React II in heel, which is always nice. Missing however is the CONS, instead the whole name of Converse is used on the tongue and the stabilizing strap. Both have the line through the upper of the font just like when CONS was used.

My guess is that these are just a sample pair. However it would have been interesting to see what would have happened. Either way I hope you enjoyed something a little different today. Thanks for checking out the site, and come back often.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Converse Blog's Weapon Wednesday

Hello world, welcome to The Converse Blog's Weapon Wednesday. Today I really need your help. Below I have pictures of this Weapon and I really know nothing about them. So they're mid's with a Canvas upper. They are in a nice white/brown colorway. On the heel you will see a design, but even the words to describe it escape me. The one feature I am most interested in is the outline on the Y bar. I don't think I've ever seen a Weapon that had an outline on the Y Bar. So this is where I need your help, if you know anything about these Weapons please contact me. Below are two pictures of this unique pair of Weapons.

Today I am supposed to be studying for my last two finals before I am a college graduate, so I apologize for a smaller post. Thanks for checking out the Converse Blog, see you on Friday.

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Converse Blog: Converse Game Time

Recently Converse put out a press release on the new Basketball line up. One of the shoes featured is the Converse Game Time. I honestly hadn't thought much of them since I saw them in the latest KICKS magazine. However, Andre Miller has been wearing them on and off for a few weeks now. This really peaked my interest because since 2001 when Andre Miller joined Converse, he hasn't worn that many pairs of shoes, for example the Icon Pro Leather, which he wore for at least two seasons. Below are two pictures of Andre wearing the Game Time recently.

Here are some more details from the press release

»Sleek, table and speedy: a baller’s three wishes, granted.

»Synthetic upper features two-layer foam collar with split lining for comfort and stability.

»Injected heel counter further stabilizes foot, while a lightweight EVA midsole increases cushioning.

»Performance outrigger provides larger surface area for quicker, more stable cuts.

»Herringbone patterned outsole with pivot points for durability and traction.

MSRP $ 70

Well that's all for today, I am pretty sure there are some Finals I need to study for, but I'd rather not. Thanks for taking a minute or two to check out the Converse Blog, and return Wednesday for some more.

Friday, December 7, 2007

The Converse Blog's Friday Flashback: Converse Helium Elevate

Sometimes I suffer from a fit of indecision, well alright that's not true. It's more like most of the time I suffer from a fit of indecision. Today is a perfect example of such indecision. I sat here for almost an hour trying to figure out what to post today. Early on I did decide that it would be a flashback, but what to flashback to was the problem. So after careful thought I present today's flashback

Converse All Star Elevate

This shoe came out either 2000 or 2001, well at least I am pretty sure. Sometimes it all runs together. However, these shoes did feature Helium which puts them in the 1999-2002 span. I must admit I passed on these, and I am not really sure why. I just remember thinking that if this was the direction Converse was going with Helium, I was excited for the future.

These shoes had some pretty exciting features for a Converse shoe at the time of release. It has a simple design, which based on the He:01 and He:02 was a different approach. They also have visible Helium unit on the heel and outsole. Sadly I must point out that the Elevate also featured brand new midsole and outsole patterns, something at appeared to be rare for Converse at the time. You will also see the Star in Oval logo used on the early models for the Helium shoes.

I do apologize for the late posting today, and lack of pictures. So if any of you out there had these shoes, or better yet worked on these shoes contact me and we'll converse about them. Anywho, I was going to announce a goal for the end of the year, but hits have been coming in so much recently I might have to rethink the goal. Regardless, thanks for stopping by and please leave comments and suggestions for making the Converse Blog better.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Converse Blog's Weapon Wednesday: Magic PE

It seems like forever since I've done an actual Weapon Wednesday post. So I searched through my photos and I had a really hard time deciding what to do. I've still got some samples from TaoBao, but I use those a lot. I've got a few random single shots but I don't really know much about them. So then I said to myself, "Self, go back to the source and give some love." Actually I didn't say that until after I decided to use these pictures, but you get the point.

As the name suggest today's Weapon is a Magic Johnson Player Exclusive edition. I found these on an auction website, but I can't remember the address, so please excuse my lack of sourcing today.
In today's sneaker market player exclusives are almost a given, unique colorways and workmarks are now common place among NBA players. I remember seeing a pair of Pro Leathers with Dr. J printed on them, much in the same way that these Weapon's have Magic written on the Y bar.
Such a classic. It's a been a killer two days for the site. Thank you for showing up, please keep on coming back and leaving comments. Any ideas on how to improve the blog would be awesome. Hang in there folks, it's Wednesday, enjoy it.

Monday, December 3, 2007

The Converse Blog: Converse Japan is the first to show up for the 100th Birthday Party.

Here is the deal, I am never rooting for Tennessee again, at least not anytime soon. Anyway, we're playing Florida St. back in Nashville for the Music City Bowl and it's going to be a blast. Speaking of a blast, the celebration for the Converse Century is starting to gear up. In recent Converse ads at the bottom of the logo "1908" is placed. However, Converse Japan now has two websites up to honor the 100th year. and

The Thank You website is the newest and the most English reading friendly. There you will find product details, archive pictures (yes!) soon, wallpapers, and many other features. Today I want to highlight two the of the products on the page. Both have base models that came out in 1922. The first is the B-9

The next shoe is named, yep you guessed it the B-10. I don't know what these were designed for, but I'd sure like the have a pair myself. Anyway, here are the pics of the B-10.

That's it for today folks, I am about to go and write the last paper as an undergraduate at UK. Thanks for checking out the site, and I'll see you Wednesday.