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Friday, December 28, 2007

The Converse Blog's Friday Flashback: Converse Halftime

Welcome to the Converse Blog's Friday flashback. I was going to post a picture of one of the Converse Psycho trainers. However, when I was looking for more information on the shoe I found out that I was wrong. While there are some features that reminded me of a psycho trainer shoe, it turns out these are actually basketball shoes. Well at least according to the website that I found the second picture.

I can't help but think of shark fins when I look at these. I know hardly anything about them except they're named the Converse Halftime. Also it would appear from the Logo and overall design that these gems were released in the mid 90's.

If you know anything more about these shoes please contact me and let me know. Well enjoy the bowl season. I'll be out of town for the Music City Bowl for Monday's post, so I might try to post before I leave. Thanks for stopping by and keep returning for the Converse Blog.

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