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Monday, December 17, 2007

The Converse Blog: Converse Century Chucks

It's getting closer and closer to the beginning of the Converse Century celebration for 2008. Recently I've been posting some products and information regarding 100 years of Converse. Today I will continue that with a look at the Converse Century Chucks, High and Ox. Pictured first is the High top in a white/orange/black colorway. On the side you'll see the Converse Century logo, Converse and 100 written in black. In the second picture you'll see the Chuck Logo patch.
The final four pictures are the of the white/orange/black and the grey/black Ox colorways. With the ox, the Converse Century logo is placed on the heel while the Converse and 100 are still on the side of the shoe. You can also see in the white colorway that the inside of the shoe is lined with the Converse Century logo. I have also seen a Navy/Silver colorway, but I couldn't find the picture this morning. By the way, the images come from www.Ebay.DE

That's it for today, have a happy Monday. Thanks for checking out the Converse Blog!

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