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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Charles C. MaGalls vs Dwyane Wade.

A lot has been made about Charles Charles MaGalls quest to battle Dwyane Wade one on one...well his quest is over, well maybe.  See how it turns out for yourself.

As you can see Charles Charles MaGalls didn't wear the Wade 4 like he told me in his interview, which I think was probably a good thing.  He wore the Weapon EVO and I can't say for sure what Dwyane is wearing, but I can say that they look really good.  


mik said...

maybe wade 5's... look similar

Unknown said...

i have a strong feeling that, Dwayne's wearing the black/white colorway of the 5's, and if those are it, Then I might be rocking the chevron and star very soon!

Anonymous said...

I think its the converse icon pro leather but not very sure.