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Monday, August 27, 2007

Converse Star Fi Ice Queen: Something for the ladies.

Sorry for the late post today. I've haven't even been in school one whole week and it's already been the most stressful semester of my life. I won't bore you with all of the details, lets just say graduation or bust.

I came across these shoes a few weeks ago on TaoBao. This is one pair of Converse shoes you'll never catch me in, well unless I lose some kind of bet with my roommates. However I do find these interesting on some level. They remind me of the dance Jack Purcell's that have been all over and However, these appear to be Trainer Dance slippers. (What?) Anyway, in the picture below you can see both the Circle and Star logo in the insole and the Chevron and Star logo on the sides of the shoes. The toe cap and the extending outsole up the heel area of the shoe are dead give-aways of the shoe's re-issued trainer heritage.
You can see from this picture a better few to extending outsole. Also you can see the gum colorway of the outsole carries on throughout the shoe. This is a very nice touch that pays even more tribute to training shoes of the past.
In the final two pictures you can see that each shoe says Love and Peace. In these stress filled final days of August I can honestly say Love and Peace should be cherished by all, but maybe only worn by the ladies.

Right now a different colorway of this shoe is for sale at American Athletics. They are calling them the Converse Star Fi Ice Queen. Not quite sure what to make of that, beats just being named a number though. Have a good Monday, thanks for reading and come back often.

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