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Monday, September 24, 2007

Jack Purcells, sort of.

Good Monday to you all. Before I get to today's topic I just want to let everyone know about a new goal for the blog. I really want to get over 3,000 hits by the end of the month, this seems like a reachable goal, but I just wanted to ask anyone that enjoys this blog to tell you friends.

So I figured I've been doing this for a few months now and I can't recall ever doing anything Chucks or Jack Purcells. So today I want to dive into some Jack Purcells, well sort of. Below are three different shoes from the Jack Purcell line. I've only seen these on Converse websites outside of the US and on auction sites from China and Germany. So at best these haven't made it here yet or they could just be samples. Either way it's pretty interesting to see the expansion of the JP line, I mean I love the Dance Slips and all, but they're just not for men. There is another model out there, but I can't find the pictures I saved anywhere. They're probably on my computer back home, oh well someday.

The first shoe appears to be similar to an old training or running shoe. I don't really like the big Jack Purcell in the middle of the shoe, but it could just be because it's just new and seems out of place.

The shoe below is a little more casual, but still features the familiar smiling toe cap and stitching that makes them Jack Purcells. White/Pink, White/Navy, and White/Lime, these are very simple and clean colorways. I would really like to see these someday soon.

The final model is a little more of a traditional look for Jack Purcells. The outsoles and toe cap seem to make these look really fast. The Grey/Green is a nice colorway, but it really seems to come alive in the White/Yellow/Navy.

Well that's all for today, I am still upset about not finding the other pair, basically they made use of the heel tap triangles and put them in the mid sole. Okay, so that sounds weird reading it, but I have no better way to describe them, so I hope to locate them soon. Thanks for reading and come back Wednesday for more. Tell all of your friends, thanks again.

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