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Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Converse Blog: Marquette Commercial

Converse will be gathering footage for their newest commercial featuring Dwyane Wade and Marquette at Friday night's men's basketball game vs. Pittsburgh, and they need help from all MU students.

At the under 12-minute timeout of the first half, the cheerleaders will lead the arena in a cheer of "We Are Marquette" and the pep band will follow with the playing of Ring Out Ahoya. To help Converse produce the best commercial possible, and to show millions of viewers how passionate Marquette students are, we need everyone in attendance to cheer as loud as they can.
To express their gratitude to students, Converse will provide all students with a free "We Are Marquette" t-shirt to be worn during the commercial shoot.

The ads will air nationally through the end of the college basketball season.
Thank you very much for your cooperation. Let's show the country how intense the Marquette student section can be!

A few thoughts for the day. This commercial is going to be awesome just because Converse will finally be promoting the fact that they're back in College Basketball!

If I were Mark Cuban I would make sure that Devean George never played another minute for the Mavs.

Not only did this keep Jason Kidd with the Nets, it might also have kept Andre Miller from making the All Star team.

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