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Monday, March 3, 2008

The Converse Blog: First Look at the Converse Wolf

I've sat on these pictures for a few weeks now. They came from an auction on TaoBao. These retro running shoes will be coming out this fall. According to the catalog they will come in three colorways Olive/Lemon Curry, Fossil/Major Brown, and as pictured below Beluga/Petit Four. They sure don't make color names like they used to. Either way, I've seen all three in the catalog and they're all amazing. I am really geeked about these shoes. I am still wearing my grey suede Phaeton IV that I snagged at Finishline. Still looking for more pairs on eBay, but I haven't had luck.

Well I hope you enjoyed the first look at the Converse Wolf. Look for them in June of this year. Also I want to remind you all of the poll. There are only a few days left to vote, and it looks like the real race is for second place. Brandon Roy has closed the gap on Chris Bosh. I am not wanting to influence the vote, but I just found that interesting. Thank you all for coming to the Converse Blog and enjoy your Monday!

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