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Monday, July 28, 2008

The Converse Blog: Acie Law in the Converse Assist.

You know that saying, never count your chickens before they hatch? Well I am guilty of doing just that. On Tuesday of last week I was in Lexington hanging out with some of my friends that I hadn't really seen in a while. I had actually planed on coming home Sunday of last week, but I ended up staying longer. Then on Tuesday I got a call from one the teacher I did my student teaching with, and they just had a job open up for 6th grade social studies. So I went over on Tuesday and had a mini informal interview and came away with a real interview for Thursday.

So I had the interview on Thursday and it went great. I started putting the puzzle together in my head on why I should get the job. I knew the school and how it worked, it was really late in the summer so there wasn't that much time to find someone, and finally the way they talked to me. I was asked about a coaching position before anything about the teaching position, so I thought the signs looked good. Anyway, to make a long story longer, they went with someone else. I can surely understand, it's a fantastic school and anyone already in the school system would be crazy not to apply. So the job hunt continues!

Now lets talk about something more exciting, for everyone. Acie Law showed up for the Summer League games rocking the new Converse Assist. One of the new basketball shoes for the fall and also one of the new Team Shoes for this year as well. Here are some pics below, sorry for them being small...I'll try to fix that and edit this later when I have a little more time.

Here is a colorway, that's probably a sample, but it just gives you a closer look of the shoe Acie is wearing.

On Friday I reported that Maurice Evans had signed with Golden State....whoops so I jumped the gun on that and so did the report that I read. Actually it looks like he is going to, or has already, sign with the Hawks. Which means he goes from one team already with a Converse guy to another team with a Converse guy. But I love the Hawks colorways too, as you can see above. That's it for today, thanks for checking out the blog and voting in the poll on your way out!

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W.R. Little said...

sorry to hear about not getting the job, sounds like it would've been a good fit.