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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Converse Blog's Weapon Wednesday!

Again, sorry for the later post today. I was waiting to see if anything new had surfaced on Rose and or Beasley. But alas nothing to report today, but you know what they say, "No News is Good News. So lets get to today's Weapon Wednesday. I found these Weapons, in Green/Yellow ostrich skin, sometime last month.

This is Weapon make up is understated at first, but the more I look at them they really come to life. I also think that the gum outsole adds a really nice touch. And the light green has a the look and feel of some vintage luggage you might find a vintage store. Well that's it for today, thanks for checking out the blog!

1 comment:

W.R. Little said...

I'd cream if they made the ostrich skin available on the custom converse site, come fall.