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Friday, July 17, 2009

So that happened, Dwyane Wade leaves Converse for Jordan...Official Converse statement

I'll post my thoughts on this later, but here is the official Converse statement.

Converse has enjoyed being a part of Dwyane's meteoric rise to the top of the basketball world. We have had an amazing professional and personal relationship with him and we thank Dwyane for his commitment to our brand. As he joins Jordan Brand, we know his Chicago roots and his on-and off-court style will be a great fit.

Converse is focused on creating quality basketball footwear in the mid-level price point range. In past years, we celebrated Dwyane's success by creating a higher priced signature shoes and saw great success with our Wade business. With Dwyane joining the Jordan Brand, we are continuing to meet our long-standing objective of offering high performing, functional basketball shoes at a mid-level price point.

1 comment:

Nomasiac said...

Not suprised really, especially after this past season. Dude wasn't even wearing the 4's and reverted back to the 1's.

I hope he gets better shoes than his last 2 though! wasn't a big fan of the 3's or 4's. I'm a fan of Wade and personally would have preffered it if he went with adidas as I prefer them over Nike overall!!