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Monday, July 20, 2009

Converse Coolidge Mid hits ConverseOne.

Welcome to The Converse Blog.  Today's post is really exciting to me on a couple different levels.  The Converse Coolidge Mid has hit ConverseOne.  I'm fired up about this because for the first time a shoe designed after 1986 has hit ConverseOne.  This gives me hope that someday a modern performance basketball shoe will hit ConverseOne, you know like the Weapon EVO...hint hint.  I also take it to mean that original Converse coolidge has performed well enough to warrant a ConverseOne release.  This also marks the Converse skate shoe from Converse to hit ConverseOne.  So there is a lot of exciting aspects of this shoe being on ConverseOne.  Here are some colorways that I mocked up below, I make the ID SK8 but you can make it your own.

Before we go I want to point out a new link on the right of the page, Throwback Guy.  You want Jerseys?  He's got Jerseys check him out.  Thanks for checking out the blog, I am still processing the departure of Dwyane Wade and I think I have more to say about that so stay tuned this week. 

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