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Friday, September 18, 2009

'S Friday Flashback: Wyoming Cowboy Basketball Camp T-shirt

"It's Finally Friday, oooh what a Happy Day."

So I wasn't joking when I said that I loved the Wyoming Cowboys color combo.  However it wasn't until I sat down to do this post last night that I found these pictures of a Wyoming Cowboy Basketball Camp/Converse T-shirt.  This beauty was on eBay a little while back, but of course it was in a way too small of size for this guy.  

Well that's it for today, I'm double dipping for Football tomorrow.  First I'll be in Lexington for the UK vs     U of L game and then I'll be making the trip out to Bowling Green for the WKU game later on tomorrow night. Crazy weekend coming up, but you've gotta love football season!

1 comment:

Nene33 said...

Awesome colorway, Brown and Gold a classic(old-school style).