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Monday, September 14, 2009

'S Monday's Trip Down Memory Lane: Converse Abolisher

So Friday came and went without a Friday Flashback...okay so I suck at life.  In an attempt to redeem myself, I bring you the first ever "The Converse Blog's Monday's Trip Down Memory Lane."  I love ridiculously long names that are uncalled for, as if you didn't already know this. 

Today's TCBMTDML, is the Converse Abolisher.  The Abolisher might actually be the best name a for a shoe EVER, or it could not be, but I am leaning more towards that it is.  These are a 90's basketball, that looks to be during the REACT era.  However, these don't actually feature React. 

The Upper features a nice zig-zag pattern that was apparently all the rage back in the 90's.   



I'm out like what little respect I had left for Kanye West.  Thanks for checking out the blog.  Don't forget to follow along on Twitter @TheConverseBlog



I had a pair of these they were decent to play in.

Nene33 said...

I love these, I really hope Nike comes to their senses, and will start retro'ing some of the Classic Converse performance sneakers.

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