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Monday, March 21, 2011

Converse Star Classic XLT

Welcome back to the Converse blog...sorry for the lack of post.  I get extremely frustrated and unmotivated this time of year.  After all this blog was started to get Converse back in NCAA Basketball, and for the 2nd consecutive year there are zero teams in the NCAA wearing Converse.  Honestly, did you ever think there would be more College Tennis teams wearing Converse then basketball?  (Go Harvard Tennis!)
So I usually try to avoid post this time of year so I don't end up saying something I'll regret later on.  But my hiatus has gone on longer then I anticipated because it started a little before the NCAA tournament.  So I'm back today to try to get myself motivated again...we'll see how that goes.

All disappointment aside, I am actually pretty excited about today's shoe, the Converse Star Classic XLT.   Lets get to the pics. 


They come in three colorways, Gray/Navy, Black/Red, and Black/White.  These will cost you a modest 60 bucks at 
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Converse: Make it happen

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