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Monday, June 6, 2011

Converse in the NBA Finals

For the first time in since, well I honestly don't know, there are players on both finals teams wearing Converse.  I really hope it's not been since the 1989 finals between Detroit and LA, but I think it has been.   However, thanks to JJ Barea and Udonis Haslem someone wearing Converse is going to win an NBA Championship this year.  Here are some pics from the games.  Udonis Haslem is wearing the Converse SICKS and JJ Barea is wearing the Star Player EVO Low.  Check them out below.

pics from Yahoo and Gettyimages.

1 comment:

mik said...

you know whats awesome, those pics all look like shots from the mid 80's when shoes were cooler...

its almost liek weapons and erx's up against force and flights...

Oh and I so hope the heat loose.