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Friday, February 13, 2009

'S Friday Flashback Friday the 13th Edition: Converse Road Star

Welcome to the Converse Blog's Friday Flashback.  In honor of the release of the new Friday The 13th movie today I thought I'd pull of a themed post.  If you've seen any of the Friday the 13th films you know there a few things that you can bank on.  These include a group teenagers, they will get drunk or high, and they will most likely have the sex.  You will also see most of the said teenagers running for their lives as Jason is right on their heels.  Maybe if some of those camp councilors were wearing these Converse Road Stars they could have gotten away, or a least a little bit further. 

These classic running shoes had all of the standard early 80's features, which included a nice combination of Nylon and Suede uppers. 

You just have to love the Classic silver 80's style Converse box.  I've got a few more things to cover, so check back either tonight or tomorrow for another post here at The Converse Blog. 

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Caroline said...

I had these sneakers in Green (reissued)approx 1998, I wore them until my brothers dog ate one. I carried the remaining shoe around looking for a mate. I finally called Converse to see if they still had them and was told they discontinued in 2006. Bummer.