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Friday, February 6, 2009

's Friday Flashback: The Converse Mountain Club CMC 3000

With the temperature finally going above freezing today, I've had an urge to be outside and enjoy the warm sun beating down on my face.  Too bad for me I had to work today, like most of you probably had to do as well.  But tomorrow is shaping up to be an even better day, weather wise that is.  Which got me thinking about today's Friday Flashback.  These shoes are from the late 80's I believe, but with a unique Converse logo it is hard to be for sure.  What I do know is that they were designed to be used in the great outdoors, or the city streets which ever jungle you prefer. 

 As you can see these shoes look pretty similar to Chucks, which should come as no real surprise.  However, the midsole seems to be constructed in a more rugged fashion.  You can also see from the outsole that the traction pattern, if there is one, is nothing like what you would find on a pair of Chucks.  There is also a really nice rubber heel cup on CMC 3000 as you will see below.  The tag line on these shoes was, "When your heart longs for the hills and your feet live in the city."  
You can't read it from this picture, but this is what is written below.
"Finally, a shoe that lets you be in two places at one time, follow your heart to the Converse Mountain Club.  Five high-styled canvas colors that live for the city and long for the great outdoors."

It's been a rough week for Converse, first Jameer Nelson goes out with a separated shoulder and will miss the All Star game and maybe the rest of the season.   Then Elton Brand shuts it down for the rest of the season with his shoulder as well.  This leaves only 7 active NBA players wearing Converse.  However, Marquette continues to roll on as the only undefeated team in Big East play.  Thank you for checking out the blog and for your continued support and comments.   Enjoy your weekends!


SubGothius said...

Wow, I just discovered this page searching for Converse "Mountain Club", as I was remembering a pair I used to have in high school back around '89-90 or so. I think they were designed to resemble rock-climbing boots.

Yeah, the sole didn't have much of a tread pattern, looked more like the rubber had been troweled-on in coarse layers and then never pressed into a tread mould nor shaved smooth, leaving a bunch of irregular, lumpy ridges.

Mine were blaze orange (aka "don't shoot me" hunter orange :^), which went great with my otherwise all-black wardrobe and kelly green socks. :^D

Anonymous said...


I'm pretty sure i have these exact same shoes... As in I am pretty sure that these pictures were taken from the ebay auction that i won. But the shoes are too small for me! anyone interested in buying them?


Anonymous said...


I am pretty sure i have these exact shoes... as in i am almost certain that these pictures came from the ebay auction that i won. but they are too small for me!! anyone interested in buying them?


Anonymous said...

How much would those shoes sell for?

Anonymous said...

I would looove to have shoes like this. Anyone knows where can i get them??? Thanx :)