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Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Converse Blog update

What a mess. Hello world, this is James from THE Converse Blog. Recently my original domain of expired and before I could figure out what happened it was purchased by another person. I had originally purchased the domain through google in 2007 and at the time I selected the automatic renew feature, which was supposed to automatically charge my credit card for the domain. However, this did not happen, and I lost the domain. To make matters worse, the new owner of has simply copied and pasted my archived posts. This tells me that the he was a reader of the blog, which really makes matters worse.

All of this to say that I will be posting here at TheConverseBlog.Net from now. I'm looking forward to providing the most geniuine and honest coverage of Converse that I can.


Converse King said...

Yeah James, last week I tried to visit the blog, and it was gone. So I was like wtf just happened? I was looking and looking, and I couldn't find it, so that kind of sucked. But then I thought you just changed from a .com to a .net. Sorry that someone stole your material. That sucks. Oh, I sent you an email about a new shoe at though.

Anonymous said...

the pos russian asshole that stole your domain is not your blog reader, but someone who grabs expired domains, then puts up the last site that was there.

you really really need to come up a with a new domain... the dot net version is just going to send the thief more traffic.. you need a new dot com domain registered 10 years.

put hardcore porn up on the dot net version of the stolen domain (after setting up private whois), then link to the stolen domain with keywords like "ass to mouth", etc. at the very least this will kill off the stolen domain in search engines.

good luck, my advice is serious.