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Monday, April 18, 2011

Converse in the NBA Playoffs

If you've been following this blog you'll know that Converse increased their roster of the NBA players this year. While the roster might not seem that exciting to the casual basketball fan, what is exciting is that the roster actually grew. With at least 13 different players wearing Converse at some point this season it was one of the largest rosters the company has had in quite a number of years. Previous to Converse filing chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2001 there were around 22 NBA players.

Assuming there is an NBA season next year I would hope if nothing else this roster would increase in size, and hopefully talent and notoriety. Only time will tell, until then we have a few Converse players to watch out for in the Playoffs.

Check out Elton Brand, Louis Williams, Kirk Hinrich, Chris Andersen, Kyle Korver, and J. J. Barea.  Carlos Arroyo and Udonis Haslem are both listed as inactive.  

Pics from Gettyimages, Yahoo, and ESPN

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mik said...

They're loverly!

Anonymous said...

What happened to the good old days when all the big stars wore Converse? Dr. J, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Kevin Johnson, Dennis Rodman and on and on, Converse still has the best looking shoes on the market. Nike looks like Sh_ _!. I own 11 pairs of Converse and would go so low as to wear some ugly and I do mean ugly Nike. Also what happened to Matt Bonner, he was wearing Converse now I see he is wearing NB. It's all about the money, what a sellout.

James Martin said...

I completely agree, Converse needs to step up and build some credibility by adding better NBA players and getting their shoes in the NCAA. As for Matt Bonner I read in an interview that he was hoping Converse would offer him an endorsement deal...either that never happened, he changed his mind, or the deal wasn't good enough.