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Monday, April 4, 2011

Converse The Smooth - My Birthday Holy Grail

Today is my birthday...I'm now 27...and I am not more nostalgic then ever.  I miss things of my when Converse was in the NCAA...or in this case when Converse used React Juice and later React 2, which was more of Gel that didn't have to be contained.
If I were ever fortunate enough to be able to collaborate on a Converse shoe, this would be one my choices to bring back...but really anything from 90's with React would be on that list

The truth is, I have many favorite shoes from Converse, but The Smooth is my all time favorite...(at least this week). 
It featured React II and also had the Shoe-in-a-shoe construction.  The inner booty would come out and you could wear it around the house or on the court in between runs.  The outer shell had this ultra smooth cushioning upper with the mesh circles for ventilation.

The construction aloud for a lower to the ground design which provided a more responsive shoe that just seemed to play faster then anything I'd worn before. 

The shoe-in-a-shoe design would be used only 3 more times in another React II shoe, which I can't remember the name of, and the first two Helium shoes the He:01 and He:02.  These were some really innovative times at Converse, which hopefully are returning. 

Below are two ads that ran for The Smooth both featuring Brevin Knight's signature as an NBA player wearing the shoes, and then I found a picture of Jason Terry wearing them his rookie year when he was signed to Converse.

 Big thanks to for the pic
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Unknown said...

Happy Birfday Enjoy Your Season and dats da truuf

Unknown said...

This is the BEST shoe I ever owned. And I had almost every Jordan out there. Is there any way to get a pair? Or two? or three? I would pay VERY good money for one!