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Monday, July 18, 2011

Converse Band of Ballers 2011 Recap

Last week Converse hosted the 3rd Band of Ballers tournament.  I was fortunate enough to connect Taylor McPherson aka TayTay_Fierce on twitter and you can follow her blog over here.

I recently attended the filming of MTV2 and Converses Celebrity Basketball Tournament, Band of Ballers. The event was held at La Salle Academy in Manhattan New York which happens to have a 100% graduation rate. Their were 5 teams competing for the title. Team Taylor Gang lead by Wiz Khalifa, Team YMCMB (Young Money Cash Money Billionaires) lead by Lil Twist, Team Brooklyn lead by Matt and Kim, and Team Swell lead by Chiddy Bang. Their were 2 original brackets and then a losers bracket from the first 2 games. The winner of the losers bracket played Jim Jones's team in their first game of the tournament. Which is ridiculous because you're making the best team play the worst team so the odds are completely stacked in one favor. (ed note: a nice reward for winning the first two Band of Ballers) The entire event was hosted by Sway from MTV and DJ'd by DJ D-Nyce. So it was a celebrity basketball tournament where none of the celebrities actually played in the games. They were pretty much only there for show. Not that I can say I'm surprised but I am on the other hand a little disappointed. When I asked people why they thought Wiz Khalifa wasn't playing the response unanimous that he must have been "in the clouds" and therefore unable to take the court. However there was one celeb who actually stepped up to the line so to speak, that celeb was Chiddy Bang. Chiddy Bang is new to the rap scene and has a very original sound, you may know his song Never Growing Up, which is mixed over MGMT's Kids. Chiddy Bang also holds the record for the longest free style ever. He once free styled for 9 hours straight. How do you even keep coming up topics for that long, and things that rhyme at the same time, that takes seriously talent. I got an official statement from Chiddy Bang himself on the tournament and it will be attached below. So overall it was a great day, it was catered with hot dogs and pretzels and italian ices, there's usually never food at these things, and especially free food. I had a really great experience and would love to go back next year. I also can't wait to see the finished product air on MTV in the very near future, check you local listing for times and dates and don't miss it!

Also check out some awesome pictures from StoneFace Photography

First is a picture of God Shammgod wearing his PE Star Player EVO and the next picture is of Jim Jones wearing the new Converse Defcon.  I hope to get some more info on this shoe soon.  You can also check out for some of their other work.


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