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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Converse Basketball Shorts, Finally!

What a happy day it was last week when I walked into the Converse store in St. Augustine, FL.  I had just left my car where the USA Women's Soccer team had just finished off Brazil in amazing fashion.  Then I walked into the Converse store and noticed something extremely rare, a Converse employee wearing basketball shorts.  Knowing that they always try to wear products avaliable, or recently avaliable, in the store my hopes began to grow.  It was only a matter of seconds until my eyes found these new basketball shorts. 

They come in four color combinations and feature pockets, which come in handy, and draw strings around the waist.  They also feature the recently adopted corporate logo for Converse. 

They aren't online at yet, so you'll have to keep emailing them or find a Converse store near you. 

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