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Monday, August 22, 2011

Converse in NBA 2K12, Magic in Weapons!!!!

Do you often wonder what it would be like to see Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Converse working together again?  Me too.  I can't imagine why Nike hasn't forced the issue to mend whatever fences need mending.  But alas there is a slight ray of hope, in the wondering world of NBA 2K12 you can see Magic Johnson wearing the classic Converse Weapon and Dr. J wearing the Pro Leather. 

Hopefully this means the rest of the game will feature the classic shoes that the legends played in.  So while we just saw the Dr. J Pro Leather's, we still might be a few years and dollars away from seeing a Magic or Bird edition Converse Weapon.

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mik said...

hmmm...almost :)

good to see, but ... well the chevron/star is supposed to be purple and the toebox is all yellow, not just the tow bit...

otherwise, great stuff

James Martin said...

yep, I missed that. I was just so excited to see him in any Converse. They're using a picture of him during his 96 comeback wearing MVP shoes on the cover. smh