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Friday, February 24, 2012

Converse Auckland Racer Remix plus a Challenge

Today boys and girls I give you a challenge.  Help me wake this sleeping giant and buy the shoes Nike probably doesn't want to you buy.  Okay, so that might be a little dramatic...However, I feel like the main reason Converse isn't as successful as an athletic performance shoe company is because Nike doesn't want to them to be. 

I understand growing as a fashion/lifestyle brand is important, but you can have both.  Timberland is a perfect example of a company that hits on the both the fashion and performance side.  It can be done.

Which brings me to the Converse Auckland Racer Remix, a performance leaning update to the classic Auckland Racer.  It was my understanding that this shoe had been canceled as an American release, so I was shocked when they showed up on

So here's my challenge, buy this shoe and show Converse and Nike we want performance shoes from Converse.  Show them that we want to wear Converse while playing something other than a guitar. At only $65 pick up a few pairs and put them away for the summer, or surprise a friend or loved one with the gift of Converse.  Pick up your pair today!!!!

Also for the Ladies they have a new Nylon Trainer 75 remix, I'll get those pictures up for you too. 

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