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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Converse Pro Leather EVO OX

For three years now Converse has left their fans wanting more.  It started with the Weapon EVO Ox, then the Star Player EVO ox, and now the Pro Leather EVO ox.  Shoes that NBA players have worn and Converse has promoted in their sales catalogs, at Converse Open Gym events...heck even these beauties were featured in NBA 2k12. 

Yet the scheduled release date has come and gone with no sign of the shoes worn by JJ Barea, Maurice Evans, and Carlos Arroyo.  I hope I am not blowing anyone's mind when I say this, but we can't buy shoes you won't even attempt to sell us.  Hopefully they've been pushed back for a later release, but I am not counting on it. 

However, they did surprise me with the release of the Auckland Racer Remix, so who knows. 

As for these pictures, I got them from Converse Philippines' facebook page under their new releases of the week.  So now I am officially jealous of Converse fans living in the Philippines.


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