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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

TAOBAO is your friend.

Sometimes searching eBay isn't enough. When I would get bored with eBay I used to go and search at, yes it's still eBay but a varied selection. Then there are times when I just really need to see something new. For a sneaker freak like myself it's kind of like a child knowing where their parents hide the Christmas gifts. So for when I feel really mischievous I go and search for some Converse sample shoes that I haven't made it here yet. Thanks to "Me Too" and the other user of the "The First School" sneaker.

Tonight I found something really interesting. Two colorways of the soon to be release Heatseeker.

These are the white/black colorway.

Now for the grand prize. I have never seen these before, I am not sure how I feel about them yet. Let me know what you think.


JButta said...


This is JButta from Niketalk. You may not recognize me, as I don't post too often.

I really commend you on your efforts for Converse. In their 100th year, it'd be nice to see a college team wearing their shoes, as they produced some awesome shoes from the 70-90's.

With the signing of Wade, Hinrich, Jameer Nelson, and a nice aggregation of rookies, I'm expecting big things.

As for the designs, I'm starting to enjoy them much more aesthetically now...I like the Wade 2.0's a lot, but I believe that Converse needs to develop a flagship type of technology (although Icon isn't bad), instead of just implementing EVA and CMVEA.

As for their current/upcoming releases:

Converse 0.99: I find this shoe to be a bit plain, but I do like the midfoot strap, patent toe, and design around the lacing holes. The offerings on Zappos currently are a bit bland for my tastes, but once the team colors drop, I think a white/forest green, white/purple, or white/yellow would look slick.

Converse Heatseekers: I REALLY like these...When are they releasing, and what is the pricepoint.

Converse First School: I really like the flow of the overall shoe. It'll be interesting to look at them when we know more about them.




JButta I agree.