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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Acie Law

Hi all, great news. Acie Law has officially signed with Converse, at least that is what an article from Sports Page Weekly. Here what they had to say.

"With Kimball and Texas A&M guard Acie Law IV signing with the Atlanta Hawks, it was his Converse shoe contract that had the most immediate impact to many area basketball players. Law supplied several players and coaches with new shoes for this summer's hoops tournament schedule and a lot of Converse were on display last weekend as nearly 300 teams competed in the Great American Shootout in Denton. Law will wear Kirk Hinrich models this season, but, according to Kimball coach Snoop Johnson, Law will get his own Converse-made shoes if Law makes the All-Rookie team next year"

This is great news because there weren't any Converse players on the Hawks until now. This reminds me of when Jason Terry was drafted by the Hawks and signed with Converse. Hopefully this time things work out better. Law joins fellow rookie Alando Tucker in signing with Converse, The First School.

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