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Monday, October 29, 2007

The Converse Blog: Wade 3

Well not long after I posted on Friday the Wade 3 campaign took off online. The new release page went up from On The Scene. There you will find all three commercials, behind the scenes video, and other pictures. Below you'll see Dwyane dunking during the photo shoot, so my guess is that rehab is going well. Of course this could be before he went under the knife, but since this is the first ad that Anomaly has produced for Converse my guess is that it's a recent shoot.

The second picture is of the letter that Dwyane wrote about his first year at Marquette. It's small and hard to read so I will post what it says below.

"In the summer of 2000-2001, high school had ended and it was time for college. I did everything in my power to take you with me, but you didn't wanna go. You said I needed to become a man and that I counted on you too much ... So you left me -- feeling unsure, unloved and confused. How could you not love me anymore?

How could you not love me anymore? You've had my heart since I first laid eyes on you. I woke up to the thought of you and went to sleep with my heart with you. You completed me and now you were leaving me. How? How could you?

You left me with nothing to do ... no one to turn to ... You helped mold me into the man that I am today. You were the one that understood me -- but I knew deep down inside you were gonna come back to me. So I practiced ways that I could love you more, and so you'd never leave me again.

And then 2001-2002 came ... you said the words that I've always dreamed of hearing ... "From Robbins, Illinois, 6 foot 4 Guard ... Dwyane Wade.

And we fell in love all over again ... To my first love ... The Game of Basketball ... I love you ..."

The letter was written to explain what Dwyane went through his first year at Marquette when couldn't play. Well that's all for now, I might have something else before Wednesday but I am not sure yet. If you want to see all of the videos and learn more about the Wade 3, check out the on the scene page here. Thanks for stopping by.

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