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Friday, October 5, 2007

Converse NCAA's Friday Update and Wade 3.0

Alright big time news today, so I am going to have to put a hold on the Flashback. I decided recently to go ahead and purchase a domain name to increase the amount of people that can find the blog. I just bought it a few minutes ago so I don't know when it will be up and going.

While I love the Converse NCAA name, I realized that this is much more than a blog just about Converse in the NCAA. So the the new name of the blog will be simply...The Converse Blog. Sometimes less is more, that and is owned by someone that wants 200 bucks for it.

You can find the blog here at and at

So right before I went to post this today I thought I'd go and check out An awesome Converse Blog from China, and well it's a great thing I did. They had sample pictures of three previously unseen Wade 3.0 Samples.

I've got to say these are a million times better than the previous colorway that has been shown. However, keep in mind that these are still samples as you can see most noticeably in the Black/White colorway in the difference between logos. Enjoy the rest below...

Thanks for checking out the blog, it's Friday enjoy it! I'll try to get some more info on the samples for everyone...Thanks again.

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