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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Converse Blog: Wade 3 Grey/Black/Red Colorway

Well it's a rare Tuesday morning post, while I should be doing some last minute studying for my exam today on the McDonaldization of the Society, I had to get some pictures out to everyone. I've been sitting on these for a few weeks now, but with this colorway being shown in the latest Slam and now going up at Finishline I thought I would post them.
This is by far my favorite colorway of the Wade 3 that I've seen. It releases Dec. 1 and will retail for 99.99, which is divisible by 3....ok so I am a math dork anyway. To me this shows a lot of potential for what this shoe could be. Aight well I've got to go to class so everyone else have fun.

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