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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Converse Blog: Open Gym Philly

This past year Converse started operating the Open Gym concept. They went to Miami, Chicago, Philly, and New Orleans and ran Open Gyms. They rented a gym and had people come in and play. Basketball, just playing basketball. I look forward to increase of this program to reach more communities and more kids. Recently Mr. Tony Brown emailed me some pictures of the event. DJ. Truuf was in the spot keeping things loud and proud. You can visit his myspace, linked above for more pictures.

These events look like a lot of fun. It is a great concept and it can be applied to large cities and small towns. Hopefully this concept will grow in the coming years. Thanks to stopping in, come back tomorrow for an exciting Weapon Wednesday. There is some really exciting news out there for the Converse Weapons. I am going to sit on it for a day and see if anyone can find it.

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DJ TRUUF said...

Converse Open GYM PHILLY!!..LARGEST IN THE COUNTRY, WHat up To the COmmissioner Mr. Rahim Thompson and KB and all our peeps from NY who make it hot. Big ups to DIME PUBLISHING and MATT.
DJ TRUUF and all the staff...WE MADE IT TO THE BLOG BABY!!!!