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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Converse Blog's Weapon Wednesday.

Good Wednesday, I hope everyone enjoyed all of the NBA action last night. The game was nice, but the draft lottery was trash. It's bad enough that Miami didn't get he first pick but for it to go the Bulls, that sucked. It's bad enough that Miami might miss out on Derrick Rose, but if the Bulls take him then Kirk Hinrich will be on his way out. At least he should be on his way out, he is a starting point guard in the league. Anything could happen, but I am hoping that the Bulls take Beasley.

Anyway, we're here for Weapon Wednesday. Today I've got something really special, big thanks to youtube user elithecat for their posting of this great commercial.

I love this commercial, but it always troubled me that Magic was in his Lakers gear and Larry was just rocking a t-shirt. Don't get me wrong, it would be completely weird and out of place for Larry to be playing in French Lick wearing his Celtics jerseys.

So why was Magic in his Lakers jersey, perhaps it was for the pull away pants. I am not sure they were popular enough to offer them to the public at the time. However, if that is the only reason it's a pretty weak reason. Either way, it is a great commercial and I'd love to see it played again in the NBA finals, assuming we get the "dream" match-up. Thanks for checking out the blog, should have a new poll up later today, so be sure to vote if it is up.

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