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Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Converse Blog: Converse at Media Day(s) Vol

Well I was holding out hoping to get some pictures of any new members of Team Converse. However, media day pictures are really slow coming out this year, I would even say painfully slow. Anyway, here is what we've got so far. Dwyane Wade below is wearing a PE version of one of his 3 team shoes this year with the Team Wade Clutch. Udonis Haslem is also pictured below, well sort of, and he is wearing a PE version of the 0100. Then you'll see Elton Brand wearing the EB1. After that everyone you see is wearing the Converse Assist in PE versions.

Well that's it for today, Hopefully I'll have more to show you soon. Thanks for checking out the blog and voting on your way out.

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