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Friday, January 8, 2010

Converse Basketball Brand Marketing Sr Manager

I don't normally post job positions at Converse, but this one has got me pretty fired up.  As you can see from the title, the job is Converse Basketball Brand Marketing Senior Manager.  Here is brief discription from the job posting....

Be the Converse Basketball visionary. Know the why's, where's and how's of Converse Basketball and how they differ from other brands'. We are in Basketball for reasons utterly unlike the reasons others brands are in Basketball: Know and refine those reasons, and build strategies and tactics off of them. Assure that everything we do in Basketball we do because of its Converse-ness, and that the Basketball-ness of what we do feels Converse. Be the source of creative and marketing inspiration.
Inspire the Converse Basketball community.
Reignite Converse Basketball.
Converse Basketball has existed since sometime between 1910 and 1920. For the vast majority of that time, it was the supreme brand in the game, dominant as few brands have ever been in any sport. That dominance didn't end that long ago, but it isn't coming back. What can come back is Converse's voice within the game: Individualistic, idiosyncratic, wise, disruptive, attention-getting and louder than it should be. A lot of people are waiting for this to happen, and not all of them work here. (i.e. Me)  The brand needs it, but the basketball community needs it to. This job will be the catalyst for making it happen. It's not a typical marketing job; it's not the job we thought it would be a year ago; but it is a job that's existed in some form or another for almost 100 years, and it's seldom been more important.


10+ years of experience

Managed a team of 2 or more

If you fit the bill then apply here.
As you can imagine I'm very excited for this job posting.  As I inserted above I'm one of those people that's waiting for this to happen.  I have very high expectations with this hiring and hopefully the impacts will be seen sooner rather than later.  I've read the description a few times now and every time I get more fired up.  I'm hoping that there will be some kind of announcement when this job is filled.  Well that's it for today.  Enjoy the snow, if you have any.  Follow along on twitter @TheConverseBlog



I know that Im perfect for this job I don't need 10 years of got to get to the streets, coachs, NBA players to make a dent in the NIke world of basketball.

Unknown said...

James, why don't you apply?