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Monday, January 11, 2010

Converse (Product) Red I Heart Chucks

Converse continues their (Product) Red line with the Converse (PRODUCT) RED I Heart ______.  I really love this concept because they give a space to write on your Chucks...although it's not like you really needed permission to write all over them anyway.


Check them out at of Converse I made a trip to Dawsonville, GA this weekend to hit up the Converse store.  I picked up the Black/Gold/Red CONS ERX 300 and they are fantastic in person.  I also picked up another pair of the classic White/Navy EVO Pro II.  Thanks for checking out the blog, come back often and leave your comments.  For quick hits follow along on twitter @TheConverseBlog


Anonymous said...

Where can I find these for Sale?

Kary K. said...

Where can i find these for sale?

James Martin said...