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Monday, February 15, 2010

Converse Dunkit 3/4

The second of the three re-branded Dwyane Wade shoes has surfaced, well sort of. I've found pictures on Academy Sports and Big 5 Sports for the Converse Dunkit, but neither of them offer online sales. This was supposed to be a Dicks Sporting Goods exclusive named the Wade Clutch it looks like the shoe has been offered to other accounts.

I've been more excited about this shoe then even the Weapon EVO....I love the overall look of this shoe more and plus it has an inner booty! 

Hopefully more and more stores will start to bring out the Converse Dunkit as the two mentioned above have done so in the last week.  Hopefully it will even show up on Converse.Com, but we'll have to see.  If not you might have find a Big 5 sports or Academy sports near you....follow along on twitter @TheConverseBlog


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Sigh Converse really needs to market it self better...but this is a great looking shoe.

Converse King said...

I would love to add this shoe to my collection.

Anonymous said...

I have these shoes they are so comfortable and amazing to play Basketball with. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!