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Friday, June 20, 2008

The Converse Blog: Converse Mini Websites.

Good Friday morning to you all. I am in a little bit of a time crunch this morning because I am helping some family friends move. So instead of a Flashback this Friday, I am going to point you to a new set of Converse mini website. There are 13 of the mini websites, well 14 if you count the index page.

To start your journey visit This is The Index Page. This will take you to the index page, as you probably figured out. From there you can make your selection in a scrolling screen of websites.

There are two basketball centered websites, the first is Marquette Will Be Back. When you go to this page you will see a count down that leads up to the first day of the 2009 NCAA Basketball Tournament. If you click on the date it will take you to a wikipedia page for the event. If you click on We Are Marquette, you will be taken to Marquette's website.

The other page is, which is a combination of the two Weapresent shirts from the finals. There isn't much to this site, but there doesn't really need to be. Less is more and this site says it all. These shirts would be great on Converse One, I really want one that Says Weapresent The Converse Blog.

My favorite of the websites is You Should Do It Now. You should watch this once a day, at least. I won't explain, you just have to experience it.

Well that's it for today, take care and have fun this weekend. Thanks for stopping in and I'll see you on Monday.

1 comment:

Livi said...

converse FTW!!

I took some photoes with a heap of mine and my friends converse shoe's and put them on my blog :)