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Friday, August 8, 2008

The Converse Blog: 1972 Olympic Pack Converse 0100

I know it's Friday and that's supposed to me a flashback, but I couldn't sit on these any longer. I found these pics on Taobao Wednesday night and now I am bringing them to you today. As you've probably seen else where, this shoe is part of the 1972 Olympic Pack with the other two shoes being the Pro Leather Hi and Pro Leather ox. I am pretty sure this is also the first time I've shown the Converse 0100 on here. I am so excited for the 0100 it isn't even funny. Look for more colorways and makeups of the 0100 on the blog in the near future. Now lets get to the pictures.

I hope you all enjoy these shoes and if you're lucky enough to be Beijing or near the House of Hoops in NYC you can pick up a pair. Thanks for stopping into the blog and have fun watching all the Olympic goodness tonight.

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