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Monday, August 4, 2008

The Converse Blog's Olympic Beijing Chucks from China!

If you don't know, the Olympics are right around the corner. As far as I know the only place you'll see Converse in this years Olympics are Dwyane Wade's feet. However, that hasn't stopped Converse China from taking full advantage of their Olympic situation. So far they have released four colorways of the this Beijing 2008 Chuck Ox pictured below. They come in Black, White, Yellow, Pink, and I think Red. They also have chucks with some of the Beijing mascots, but I'll get to those later on. As you can see these a normal Chuck Taylor ox up top, but when you get to the outsole that's where the magic is. Not only will you see Beijing 2008 written, but you'll also see the Olympic rings.

I'll post up some more pictures later of these Chucks and the mascot Chucks as well. Thanks for stopping in and checking out the blog. Don't forget to vote on the way out. Also I want to plug the Your Cons, Your Story idea again. I want to feature some Converse fans on this site and all I need is a picture of you wearing your favorite Converse and little write up on why you love Converse and what you want to see from Converse in the future. As soon as I get some good entries I'll post them up.

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