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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Converse gives some love to UNC

Hi all, I am coming live from sunny warm freezing Lexington, KY.  Even the cold temperatures can't cool the fire that was built with the announcement of a new head coach at Kentucky.  By all accounts it's been wild few days with players de-committing and committing.  However, everyone is still excited about the future of UK basketball. 

Speaking of UK basketball, we're feeling the heat from North Carolina.  They recently passed UK for all time NCAA tournament wins and moved closer to total national championships.  Now that the dust is all kicked up with UNC tournament run we'll have to wait to see who commits where and who goes pro.  So when all of the dust settles UK and UNC will be racing to be the first university with 2000 wins.  Right now UK as 1988 and UNC stands at 1984.  This race should be over by next season and I can't wait to see how it plays out. 

Now how did Converse give some love to UNC, well check out for your answer.  I meant to link this micro-site earlier but I just lost track of time.  Enjoy and thanks for checking out The Converse Blog.

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