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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

'S Weapon Wednesday: Plus Dwyane Wade to play in Chucks tonight.

Sorry for the later post today. I've been enjoying Coach Calipari Day here in Kentucky. If you haven't heard, Calipari accepted UK's offer of 8 years and 31 million to coach the Wildcats. It's a great day to be a UK fan that's for sure. I am so fired up for next season, but I am even more excited for Football season that really kicks off today with the first Spring practice.

Anyway, you don't come here for UK sports, so lets get going with today's Weapon Wednesday. These Weapons just popped up on TaoBao and are one of the better Chinese exclusive Weapon's I've seen in a while.


There is a lot going on with these shoes but I am sucker for Neon Yellow and Teal on anything so I am digging these.  Not really a fan black as a main color for a shoe, but it really helps to bring out the colors I mentioned above so it works really well here. 

Some late breaking news, I just got word that Dwyane Wade will be wearing Chuck Taylor All Stars tonight, at least to start the game.  From what I've heard Dwyane Wade lost some kind of wager with Udonis Haslem and whoever lost had to wear some Chucks in tonight's game.  Hopefully I can post up some pictures tomorrow.  

Thanks for checking out the Converse blog and Happy New Month!


Anonymous said...

Dwyane should have had on some Chucks when this happpened.

Anonymous said...

Wade should have had on some Chucks when this guy stepped to him.